My Book Is Released!!

Hey, I know I just posted a little bit ago, but I couldn’t wait to tell you guys the news. MY BOOK HAS BEEN RELEASED!! The Forest of Fayleen by Lorryn Holt is now available for purchase on and I cannot wait to see how this summer goes with my first book out! My family and I are planning a launch party on May 5th, and we will still go through with those plans (and I will write about it on as well) , but my book has been officially released. I was feeling curious this morning about whether Archway had a release date on the web or not. I looked up my book’s title and it immediately popped up FOR SALE! You can imagine my surprise. I had talked to a man at the publishing company yesterday, and he said we should know when it would be released or have it released within 48 hours. I didn’t know that meant it’d be for sale in less than 12!! I’m feeling so ecstatic and blessed to have such a great publishing company, and such a supportive family and group of friends. I can’t wait to see what this journey holds.

-Lorryn HoltIMG_20180419_113755_479.jpg

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