A Little Humor For Your Friday

Okay guys, today I’m gonna be writing about five different types of mass writers and stress writers. Now, usually when I write, I feel like I’m on top of the world! Like I can do anything. But sometimes … it gets extremely stressful. Like, when you have to write a book report for school on To Kill A Mockingbird. (Yes, I am speaking from experience on that one.) Or even just writing by itself can be stressful, when you push yourself too much and mass write (aka, writing five to seven thousand words at a time. Don’t even ask). I have found so many different people who write differently, and sometimes they have a certain thing they do when they get especially stressed or begin mass writing. Want to hear about five of them?

Number one is the person who writes and writes and writes until they have a headache, are extremely moody, and start screaming at people over the smallest things. If you are like this, don’t start googling things that could be wrong with you. You will go from a mild headache to clinically dead in three clicks.

Number two is the person who writes five sentences, looks at it closely for five minutes, and goes “yup, that’ll work.” closes down the computer, and goes to watch TV or play video games. This is your typical high school student. If you are in high school, don’t leave hate mail in the comments. You know it’s true!

Number three is the person who gets extremely emotional when they write. Be careful if you are that writer. That’s how we got Little Women! Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes emotional writing is just the way to do things. I have been in that position many times. But most of the time when you get in that situation, you just need to calmly close your computer, take a deep breath, and go eat brownies. Trust me, it works.

Number four is the one that falls asleep at 3 am on their laptop while speed writing a report for school or short story for a contest, and wakes up in the morning with a very strangely written document with a lot of drawn out letters and misspellings. If this is you, take my advice and DON’T TURN IN THE PAPER WITHOUT READING IT FIRST! (Learn from my mistakes, don’t repeat them.)

Number five is the one who goes to coffee shops, gets a triple shot espresso, and writes for ten hours straight without blinking. If this is you, let me answer the question you are all thinking. No, it is not normal for your heart to sound like a weed-eater, and no you should not run three miles in the dark. Go in the kitchen and make yourself a cup of peppermint tea. No, coffee will not work.

I hope you laughed while reading this! I certainly did when writing it. Are any of these you, or do you now of anymore types? Let me know in the comments below!
-Lorryn Holt

2 thoughts on “A Little Humor For Your Friday

  1. I guess I better leave a comment now before you become so famous you won’t have time to read it. However, when that happens I will just drive to your house and steal you for some time and attention. I can’t wait to watch you on this journey. You are destined for amazing things. Keep your eyes on our Lord and always follow His leading. I am so proud of you. I love you.


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