Distraction or Inspiration?


When I am writing or reading, I have a horrible habit of locking myself away in my room or sitting in the recliner in the corner of my house with a blanket and headphones. I used to think that this would keep me away from all distractions. And while sometimes you need to sit in your room for a while or until you finish a huge report, don’t make it your life! Okay, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I am still a recluse. But I’m trying to fix it. You want to know why? Because of inspiration. You can only get so inspired by staring at an old stuffed animal and a bag of stale Cheetos. You need to get out! Break out of your shell. What I tend to do for inspiration is take a hike. Literally! I’ll go on a hike, or even just a walk down a road by a creek or by the woods, or go out on the boat on the lake with my family, and get I so inspired. I can walk out in my front yard and take a deep breath and see new things every single time. Even my yard inspires me! But how can it not? It’s hard to ignore the beautiful, inspiring, great Earth when God, the greatest, most creative, loving author in the whole universe, wrote the story of creation and it’s playing in real life all around you. I see it in the biggest things like an elephant gazing into my eyes at the zoo and I feel it in the littlest things like when I see a butterfly perched on a flower. When an innocent child gives me a shy, yet goofy, grin, or when one of the puppies I raise barks and tugs on my pants leg for attention. When my mother smiles and hugs me tightly and whispers “good morning” into my messy hair, and when my daddy kisses me goodnight and says “I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.”

Inspiration is LIFE. And you can’t fully appreciate life if you hole yourself away. So today, just take a moment to enjoy life, your family, and the beautiful world God has blessed us with.
-Lorryn Holt

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