I’m not “normal”

pexels-photo-316465.jpegI’m not normal.

It didn’t take much proof for me to figure that out, but it took a long time to understand the meaning behind the words. I never cared until I started seeing differences between me and others.

When I was younger, I thought I was like everyone else, that they could do the same stuff I could. But as time wore on, I realized that not everyone could read a story and give it an alternate ending. I realized not everyone could solve a word problem in math by drawing out the story to get the outcome. When I was eight, I remember being so surprised to learn that my friends didn’t write short stories in their spare time. When I played with my dolls, I gave them an elaborate life story as well as a planned out adventure for their future and continued the same story-line for days. Most girls were giving theirs fashion shows and boyfriends.

When I was a kid, I didn’t think I had any special talents. When my friends would give “talent shows” to our parents and siblings, I had no clue what to do! Okay, I could read and write cool stuff and solve mysteries in my head. So? That wasn’t something you could just show someone. So I did the thing that would be obvious to a young girl, a kid, struggling with her image. I tried to change. I would sit in my room and read, draw, play outside or with dolls, and visit my Grandmommy who lived next door. I put away my creativity and masked it with other things. But creative minds have a way of surfacing whether you want them to or not. About five years ago, I told a made up story to two of my younger cousins so they would go to sleep. When they drifted into slumber, I thought, “Hey, this is pretty cool! If I write my ideas down, maybe I’ll have more stories to tell them in the future! I don’t have to tell anyone else. But I can still write for them.” That’s when it all started. I began writing down stories and letting my creativity flow. It began small, just short stories, but it wasn’t long before Alaina Jackson and The Forest Of Fayleen was born. When other people started reading my work, they didn’t see me as weird. They saw it as super cool! People enjoy my stories! That amazed me. It still amazes me. But now I can be me. I set everything loose, and now I see stories popping up everywhere.

Yesterday, my BFF pointed out a guy working at McDonald’s who had really crazy eyes. They were brown, with tiny green streaks, and yellow specks that were swirling around. The first thing I thought of is “how cool would it be if he was actually a mythological creature from another world posing as a human?” I immediately told my friend my thoughts. She looked at me like I needed to be in a straight-jacket and then burst out laughing when she figured out by my expression I had a story idea that was growing in my head.

This is what I mean by saying, “I’m not normal.” But what I realize now, is that it’s okay. I don’t want to be normal. I have been blessed by God and given a gift that I can use to show people things that I see through creative glasses. Isn’t that what we were all put here to do? Show people the gift God gave you to inspire others to do great things? What could it hurt?

Sure, I’m not normal. But that’s okay. Why? Because now I’m proud of being unique.
-Lorryn Holt

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