Everything you do, do with joy

342f5a7d5eb8c208d23612815a5bbc90--take-heart-my-heartEveryone has heard the verse “Let all things you do be done in love.” Even non-Christians have heard it. But what about joy?
Yesterday I was in the car with my mom, and we were going out shopping. As we were stopped at an intersection, we saw the woman in front of us (who happened to be on a motorcycle) start dancing! We burst out laughing because, well, that would be me if I owned a motorcycle! Finding joy in the small things is what I strive for, what I live on. It’s what keeps the fire and hope burning inside me! I am not saying I’m joyful all the time (because I’m definitely not), I’m saying that we could be. Everything you do, should be done in joy!

I write, I feel such a joy that is unspeakable, unexplainable. I can see the characters, and when they go on their adventures, I’m with them. I am them. When walking through the forest, I can hear the birds calling. I can hear the leaves crunching beneath Lane’s feet. I can feel her emotions of pain, love, her feelings of awe- her joy. I see Lea and Quinn leading her through the woods, talking around a fire, laughing and running with her through the halls of the Crystal Castle. I see Josh’s cold eyes, with yet a glimmer of warmth and hope hidden behind them. Willow’s sweet voice lingers in my ears as she gently talks to Lane.

I know my characters aren’t real, but when I write, they are real to me. The joy I feel radiating from them is not fiction. That is joy that they bring me, and that I hope they bring others, and it is real.

I talk all the time about inspiration. And sorry if I talk about it too much, but I want you to know what it’s like. Now, I don’t think it’s possible to explain in words what it feels like to be so overwhelmed by glory, power, beauty, and. . . joy. It is like a wave that crashes over you and leaves you immobile for a few minutes because thoughts are leaking in and flooding your brain. Your eyes shine with such a joy that is unfathomable. Inspiration comes from God himself. Anyone who tells me otherwise is nuts. Whether some people realize it or not, it’s true. He gives us that joy. We could never find it ourselves.

Psalms 4:7 says, “You fill my heart with greater joy.” This is one of my favorite verses. Another one of my favorites it Psalms 16:11, “In your presence is fullness of joy.”

When I first became a Christian at seven years old, I thought I would never meet or encounter Jesus until I went to Heaven. And it took me several years to understand, we don’t have to wait till that day. He is with us always. In everything we do, he is there. And if we are always in his presence, there is always fullness of joy.
Everything you do, do with joy.
-Lorryn Holt

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