15 Minutes A Day Challenge

pexels-photo-935944.jpegMy dad is the leader of the teen class in my church. Some would find that annoying, or embarrassing, but not me. Because the things he speaks on in class, we can also talk about at home.
On Sunday, May 6, he spoke on priorities. I had no idea where he was going with this one. He went around the room and asked everyone what their #1 priorities were. It varied from person to person, and of course mine was my book. But what should it be? How about the Bible?
My dad had been telling me, at home, about this new thing he was doing. He would read the Bible for 15 minutes a day. I didn’t think much of it until I started seeing the differences it was making in not just my dad’s life, but others lives as well.
My dad is the go-to for advice in his work place. If people have problems or need to talk, they go to him. On the first day my dad started this 15 min a day challenge, a man came up to him asking for help. His sister had been diagnosed with cancer. My dad couldn’t get this one verse out of his head. It was one he had read that morning. He told the man the verse, and the man went and talked to his sister. When he came back to my dad, he told him “She looked at me, and said ‘I have hope’. The doctors aren’t giving her much, but she has hope. She isn’t a believer right now, but when I go visit her next week, we are going to have a talk about it.”
I sat back after hearing this story, and thought, “Wow. If this is making a difference just by one person doing it, what if I do it too?” My entire teen class has begun this 15 min a day challenge, and we are all slowly seeing changes. And they aren’t just changes in our lives.
Will you join me, my dad, and my teen class in this, for only fifteen minutes a day? I hope so. Will you take on the challenge and take a closer look at your priorities?
-Lorryn Holt

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