Not sleeping at 2am

pexels-photo.jpgI have a problem. It has been diagnosed as “nighttime creativity.” Sometimes it’s awesome. Other times. . . not so much. But I have discovered that other fourteen year old girls are up at two am for different reasons than me. What are they? Let’s find out.

Reasons why most fourteen year old girls have trouble sleeping at 2 am.

a) they are online playing video games or watching YouTubers do cool stunts and makeup tutorials

b) they are texting a boy or texting a fellow girl (one their thirty “besties”) about a boy

c) they are freaking out over a test at school, or more likely, freaking out over their outfit choices for school

Reasons why I have trouble sleeping at 2 am.

a) I have a wild imagination that sees things in the dark and turns it into either the coolest or the creepiest creature possible and then I have to write it down with a quick sketch and description because they would be super cool in a story

b) I have creative ADHD that makes me think of random memories from when I was four and twist them into something cooler than what really happened and then I think of the perfect twist to turn it into a short story

c) I wake up, crazy-eyed from a really weird dream, at 12:00 am and think, “hey, that’d be a cool story idea!” and already know I’ll spend the next three hours in bed with my computer on the lowest light setting. I’ll be plotting, twisting, thinking, and rubbing my hands together in an evil scientist way. And since it’s 2 in the morning by now, I have to think of the creepy laugh in my head instead of actually doing it.

As most of you can probably guess, option c) is the one that hits most often. And by “most often”, I mean four nights out of the week! This is the life of a imaginitive storyteller. Or maybe it’s just me. . . ? Well, now I know another thing I’ll be thinking of at 2 am.

What keeps you up at night? Are you just like me? Comment and let me know! I love to hearing from you! (Also, I want to know I’m not the only one that does this. I know I’m weird, but I seriously hope I’m not that weird.)
-Lorryn Holt

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