Something To Learn

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When I write, I let the character take over. Yes, I know they are fiction. But when you spend hours a day with the same person, go through their struggles with them, help them resolve all their problems, they become real to you. Alaina Jackson is not a fictional character to me. She is me. I have helped her grow, and taught her things, and she has done the same for me. A book is supposed to help you understand and learn. What did I learn from Lane?

Three things.

Write imaginatively. When your imagination takes over, you can do anything, and create things that you never could have found alone. And when you let him in, God will lead you to write incredible things through imagination.

Live courageously. Fear has a way of overtaking you. If you let it. But when you let God take charge, and declare “I am never alone. I have God. And He is my courage” courage follows and you can live life to the fullest and be the hero, even when it seems impossible.

And last but certainly not least, love unconditionally. Love can overcome anything. And no matter our flaws, our problems, and our struggles, as long as we love unconditionally, we can make it through whatever life is thrown at us. The people who surround us impact our lives more than we realize. They can influence us. And we do the same for them, so when we love unconditionally, you might be changing someone’s life and influencing them to love someone else unconditionally.

Every author wants to hear that their story, their book, or their testimony, has somehow changed a person or made them feel something when they read it. If we can change just one person with our writing, or help them relate, or make them see something more clearly, all those hours of hard work and exhaustion is not a waste. That’s what every storyteller aspires to do. To change the world and make it a better place. One story at a time. One person at a time. One character at a time.

-Lorryn Holt


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