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Today was a wonderful day. This morning, I went and read the prologue of my book, The Forest of Fayleen, and spoke to a group of Summer School children in a school that is quite close to my house. It’s called Jones Cove School. A wonderful lady I know named Karene Dunn works there. She has known me all my life, and has followed me through this journey and is extremely proud of me. She is the school nurse, and arranged for me to get to meet, read, and talk to these kids (grades kindergarten through 7th).

The kids were shown the book trailer, and when I asked them if they liked it, I received a very enthusiastic response. After I read the prologue, I had many kids excited to read the book. I spoke to them a lot about how I got started, and why I stopped. (If you haven’t read the “I’m not normal” blog, I suggest you do! It explains a bit about my journey as a storyteller) and they were very interested. Today’s theme at their school was “superheroes”, which was perfect for what I had already written down to speak about.

When I told them they all had a superpower, one boy tried shooting webs out of his wrists with a gleeful look, but was quite disappointed. I explained that their creativity and imagination was their superpower. I also explained how to write a story (and I was overjoyed to learn that several children already write short stories of their own), how to develop a character, and how to keep the motivation to finish the story.

Then I opened up time for questions. And we had a lot of questions. I tried so hard not to laugh though, because some of their reactions were hilarious. These kids are so sweet, and the bluntness was a side-stitch crack-up level of humor. One boy asked me how old I was. When I said fourteen, he said “Really? You look thirteen.” I tried not to laugh as I said “Well, most adults enjoy being told they look younger, so thanks?” The teachers and my mom laughed at that. My other favorite was “where do you go to school?” “I’m homeschooled.” All the kids jaws dropped and one of the other boys piped up “Well, that’s not fair.” I got a stitch in my side from trying not to laugh. I also had a lot of questions about my book, but they weren’t nearly as humorous. All in all, I had a great day, a great group, and a lot of fun.

If writing doesn’t work out, maybe going to school to be a teacher isn’t such a bad idea after all. And even if writing does work out, why not teach as well?

The kids I met today were great. These kids are so inspiring, and I hope I was able to help and inspire them too.

-Lorryn Holt

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