Book Signing Fun

wallpaper-3d-Retro-nostalgic-book-wall-wallpaper-murals-Living-room-Study-bookstore-decorative-background-mural.jpg_640x640As most of you know, Saturday was a BIG day. Why? I had my first book signing!

I visited Barnes and Noble in Biltmore Square in Asheville North Carolina, for a book signing from 1:00 to 3:00.

I got to talk to about EIGHTY-FIVE people, and sell a lot of books. I got to talk to readers, storytellers, and even a couple aspiring writers. I had a drawing for a free eBook, gave away a LOT of popcorn (ate a lot of it too) and had some great time with my friends and family.

I had a whole group of people, family and friends, coming with me as my “supporters”. People who have watched me grow up (or grown up with me) have been doing everything they can to promote and support my book. Even if that meant spending two hours in a Barnes and Noble with me.

After the signing, we walked around the square together. A lot of people recognized me as the author from Barnes and Noble who was signing books. It’s a bit weird to have a stranger walk up to you, say your name, and then say “It was great to meet you and get your book!” A little flattering too.

I had the best time there, meeting new people and bonding with the ones I already know. I hope to come back soon!

-Lorryn Holt

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