Short Story Poll!!!

m15_voteHey guys! Today is gonna be a little bit different from my normal blogs. Over the weekend, I have been writing down a lot of short story ideas. And I wanted to know if you guys would like to read one of my short stories!

My short stories vary in size, but they aren’t usually very short. Around 2,500 to 4,000 words. So I’m not going to waste your time on a subject you don’t want to read about. That’s why. . .

I’m handing the wheel over to you!

I am going to give you a couple options, and it will ONLY contain a title. You guys are going to vote on which one you would rather read, based on the titles, and I will write it.

Option #1 – Babysitting at the Brown house

Option #2 – Manhunt at the Maynard’s

This story will be clean, family friendly, from a kid’s (or teen’s) point of view, mostly comedy, and hopefully a lot of fun for you to read.

This story will be shared on my Facebook page, my book’s Facebook page, my website and my blog. So guys, please vote! Don’t leave me hanging! I will be writing, editing, and posting a story and I only have ONE WEEK to do it. So I need to know what you want to read, so I can write it!

Please visit my Facebook page to vote, and the poll will be running on The Forest of Fayleen’s fb page, and my own Facebook page (Lorryn Holt). If you don’t have Facebook, you CAN just leave a number in the comments below, and that will be added to the tally.

And the poll starts. . . now!

-Lorryn Holt

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