Poll’s Done!


Okay guys, the poll is over!

And you guys chose. . .

Babysitting at the Brown’s! 

Gonna say, I was surprised. My parents (when they found out what the heck I was talking about when I kept mentioning the “poll”) thought that everyone would pick Manhunt at the Maynard’s. I thought that everyone would too!

But, you guys never cease to amaze me.

So, on Monday, August 6th, I will be releasing Babysitting with the Brown’s. With a few. . . unexpected twists. 😉

I hope you guys enjoy it!

And if any of you still want to read Manhunt at the Maynard’s, please FB message me or comment on this post and let me know. I will be glad to email it to you, since, after I wrote down my ideas, I knew I would probably end up writing both stories! I have already fallen in love with these storylines and their unique characters, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Please be patient while I go crazy and freak out over my laptop and note pad and somehow crank out a story!

And now the real adventure begins.

-Lorryn Holt


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