School Struggles

sleep-studyfemaleWelp. This sucks.

I started school a week ago, and I’m already not exactly happy with it.

Being homeschooled has its ups and downs, and most people get the wrong idea about homeschooling.

“Oh you’re homeschooled? You must love that. You get to sleep in, do school in your pajamas, no annoying classmates or cranky teachers, no drama, and you get to do whatever you want!”

I can’t tell you how many times I hear that.

So let me just set the record straight. . .


I do not get to sleep in. I am usually forced out of bed by 7 (sometimes, if my mum is being kind, 7:30), and I have to be doing school by 8. Whether I get a shower and eat breakfast or not, I WILL be doing school by 8.

90% of the time, I am not in my pajamas to do school. I shower and get into comfy clothes. So, summer, yoga pants and a tank top. In the winter, leggings, sweater, and big blanket.

No annoying classmates? I have two older brothers. Annoying is their job. Ratting me out, even if I’m not doing anything wrong, brings them glee. They both work full time and have graduated, but they still do these things.

No cranky teachers? My MOTHER is my teacher. Most of the time she is sweet, but she will not hesitate to crack the whip on you if you’re messing around. Or in my case, falling asleep while doing British lit (which is, surprisingly, my worst subject.)

No drama? I am a fourteen year old therapist to all my friends who do go to school. And let me tell you, I hear about ALL the drama.

Do whatever I want? Pft. Yeah right. Did I mention that my mum is my teacher?

But homeschooling is also a blessing. I get to pray without being sent to the principle’s office. I can take bathroom breaks without having a hall pass. I get to write. A lot.

By being homeschooled, I have had the opportunity to exceed surprisingly well in my work, finish 5 novels, and have several more stories in the process. I get to be creative and not worry about my boundaries, because in my world of writing, I HAVE NO BOUNDARIES!

I can write about God and not be bullied about it.

So mum, thanks for putting up with my crap to give me the best education I could ask for.

Oh, and guys, please pray that British Lit doesn’t kill me before I can release Mysteria Isle. I want you guys to go with me her next adventure!

-Lorryn Holt

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