My Fall Events!

received_294971537964749.jpegOkay guys, I SERIOUSLY apologize for not posting in so long. I’ve been so busy writing, and getting ready for book events, I haven’t had much time!

So, last Saturday was Cedar Creek days in Greenville TN, and I was there with my booth, selling and signing books, and introducing our new item. “The Alaina Dagger”!!! I was very surprised at how well they were received, and people really like them!! I almost ran out of stock, so I’ve had to order more!

This Saturday, I will be at Still Hollow Century Farms at their Barn Sale, selling and signing books, as well as our new Alaina daggers, and answering any questions you guys may have.

So far, my schedule is :

Cedar Creek Days – September 21

Barn Sale – September 29

Barnes and Noble Book Signing – October 13

-hopefully more to come-

I hope to see you there!

-Lorryn Holt

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