Christmas Story!

Cold-Winter-Morning-Frost-Leaves-nature-iphone-6-wallpaperHey guys! I have a question. I have mentioned (many times) how I really want to do a Christmas story. And I’m thinking of posting a short story in my blog. So that’s for certain, but here is my question. (It is a multiple choice.)

So first, I’m considering doing an Alaina Jackson short, involving Christmas. How do the elves of The Forest celebrate Christmas? Or do they?

Or… I could write an original short story, unrelated from any of my other stories. I’m of sure what the plot could be, honestly. So it would be a completely new experience.

And last option… Some of you may remember my short story earlier in the year, Babysitting for the Browns, where my main character was a girl named Faith. If you haven’t read it, go check it out! I could definitely continue her story, cause I don’t think we are quite done with her yet. You haven’t seen the last of Faith, either way.

So, what do you guys think?

Let me know!

I’ll announce my decision next Friday, and your vote could be the deciding factor!

Hope to hear from you!

-Lorryn Holt

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