Ink-Blot Characters


2898503-VURUIBOE-6.jpgIf there is one thing I don’t like about the internet, it’s that it is too pure.

And before you leave this page, let me explain a little bit.

I can’t stand drawing on my tablet, because of the pure white “paper”. It’s too fake for me. However, I love writing on the pure white, because I am taking something perfectly drab and using black ink to make beautiful changes, even though those changes may be flawed. I am taking something blank and boring, and pouring out my creativity to make something… new. Different. Free.

And this topic also involves too perfect characters. Some people love writing with “pure white” characters. A character with “pure” problems, and a “perfect” life.

I hate it.

A good story character is a person who we should relate to. Who we laugh with, cry with, and care about. That’s why I love writing villains, and struggling protagonists. The villains, I both despise and love. I like writing someone with purpose. The reason they are the way they are. Same goes for struggling protagonists. I love diving into their back story, and giving them a reason for their fight.

But I can’t do that with a perfectly pure character in an amazingly bright world.

Life is not perfectly white. There are black ink blots all over it. All over us. Those are the character flaws. But those character flaws are what makes a character real.

We aren’t perfect, pure white characters. But those black blots are making a beautiful story.

Life is a story, that God has taken years to write. And he’s writing each of us as perfectly flawed characters. He’s taking great detail in every little aspect of us, our “back stories”, and how our lives are playing out.

The best part?

Our adventures are only just now beginning.

-Lorryn Holt

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