News Story!

537619_camera-nikon-dslr-lens-macro-wallpapers_1920x1200_hHey everybody! Big news coming your way! Well, actually… the news was coming MY way!

On January 24th, I had a really big day! I was dying to tell you about it, but I wasn’t allowed to… Until now!

January 25th, a woman named Emily Stroud and a man named Brian Holt (funny, right? 😂) came to my house. Some of you may recognize Emily’s name. For those of you who don’t, let me explain…

Emily is a reporter for WBIR, which is a TV station. Channel 10 news. We had been in contact with her before, but this time we were taking a BIG step… by doing an story on me and my book!

Not gonna lie, I was freaking out. I’m STILL freaking out! I am sooo excited, and nervous, but you guys get to see the results of that interview this Wednesday!

My interview with Emily is going to air on Wednesday, February 6th, on the Live at Five at Four newscast. If you miss the showing but still want to see it, don’t worry! It will be on my Facebook page, WBIR’s page, my The Forest of Fayleen’s FB page, and the link may even be on my blog!!!

See ya Wednesday!

-Lorryn Holt

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