Creator’s Wall

240_F_102786052_nKiHITs3tRMnzINk8uWvtvCdkRSS3eHh.jpgA lot of people tell me that they love writing and love creating stories… but they have so many ideas, and they struggle with what to write and how to get their many ideas out on paper.

So instead of pretending to have all the answers, I’m gonna rat myself out. I struggle there too, but I might have figured out a way to get past it.

Having so many ideas you don’t know what to do with is one of the biggest threats (yes, I call it a threat) to creative writing, besides writer’s block. I call it Creator’s Wall.

Creator’s Wall is when you have a bunch of fantastic ideas… but you can’t figure out how to write them all down at once, or which one to choose. And it’s hard to know how to climb over that challenge. It’s like a solid rock wall standing in your way.

Imagine, if you will, a this challenge you are trying to climb over IS a wall and you are a climber. You’ve been getting ready to do this all day. You’ve been stretching, training, and preparing yourself (brainstorming your ideas). You already have on your gear. Your helmet, your grips, your climbing shoes… you are ready to go. That gear is your ideas.

Then, there are three ropes hanging down from the wall. Those are your plot possibilities. These ropes look strong in the middle, but are frayed and look ready to snap at the top. Do you risk picking one and climbing? Just seeing what it could do?

Nah. Too easy of a way out, and it’s NOT safe. That single rope will break, probably before you are close enough to make it to safety. You can’t get over your wall that way.

But if you take those ropes, those possibilities, and braid them together to make a strong way out, a strong plot, you can climb over.

Never get rid of your ideas. Write them down. I don’t know how many times I’ve had two or three (sometimes even more!) weak plots that never would have made it on their own, but switched up and combined with others, make an amazing story. A full novel. A great adventure.

You can climb that Creator’s Wall.

There are a ton of these threats to creative writing, and we’ll be covering as many of them as we can over the year of 2019. So if you would like to see more writing tips, book news, and blogs, be sure to click that subscribe button! And if there are any particular threats you have heard of (or struggle with yourself) please comment down below what it is, and I’ll be sure to touch down on the subject and help as much as I possibly can.

-Lorryn Holt

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