Vomit Draft

48x41-the-scream-2012-blue-ocean-wave--signed-art-abstract-paintings-modern-wwwsplashyartistcom-robert-r-abstract-artA couple weeks ago, I mentioned a state of horror writing I call the Vomit Draft.
Sounds gross, yeah?

It will be. And, uh… That’s kind of the point.

The vomit draft is the first ever draft of your writing piece, and this is honestly my favorite part of writing. (I’m grinning and giggling so much while writing this, because my friend groans every time he sees anything to do with a vomit draft.) A vomit draft is where you pour everything out onto your paper or laptop and don’t worry about the results of editing till after your story, or essay, or piece, or whatever, is finished completely. We are going to talk about the second and third editing processes at a later time, but for now, let’s stick to first draft. The raw, cringy, HORRIFIC writing.

I absolutely love it. I’m serious! I love writing in creative bursts of energy where the words flow faster than I can think or process what I’ve just created, because its raw and real. Because that’s how I always write.

A vomit draft, for most people, is seen only as a total nightmare to edit. For me, I see it as a work of art. Its actually beautiful to me. All those errors, contradictory lines, complete failure of words… embrace them. I’ve looked at a mashed up word that was practically gibberish, and made a name out of it. (I actually do that a lot…)

It’s fascinating to me, what can come out of a mistake. We learn, we get better at what we do, and we build up beautiful masterpieces with every single flaw.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. That’s what makes your work unique and special! And we learn. Every sentence with flawed spelling, grammatical errors, and (sometimes) ZERO punctuation… its all a learning experience and you are becoming more and more skilling with every mistake you make. It’s so amazing, and it’s a beautiful process.

It’s no secret that writing is my baby, and I see every piece as incredible and imaginative in its own way. And though its mistake filled, that vomit draft is the core of your writing and it creates the pathway to an amazing journey for you and your characters.

The vomit draft is freedom.

Freedom to explore, freedom to create, freedom to let your imagination run wild and something AMAZING AND UNIQUE!


Let your characters make their own choices. Let them have their own way of speaking, their own catch phrases, and let them make mistakes too. They are as human as we are. (Well… I mean… unless they… you know… aren’t.)

The vomit draft, as cringy, flawed, gross, and horrifying as they can be, are learning experiences, and you can’t be afraid of making mistakes. Its going to happen. And from those ashes, you rise a stronger writer and your creativity can only blossom more. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes hurt you, and keep you from writing.

Embrace the mistakes.

You got this.

-Lorryn Holt

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