Afraid of Speaking Up

downloadfile-63“I would really love to tell my story, but I’m too busy/afraid/shy. Surely someone else can do it.”

You would be amazed how many times I’ve heard that. Far too many people believe it to be true. But it is NOT true. Your story is special. Your story is different. Your story is inspiring. Your story can change the world.

I used to be really shy about my writing, and sometimes I still am. But now I see what it can do for others. Everyone fights to “make it” in the world. To go big. To get yourself out there. But if your stories can inspire a single person in this world, you’ve already made it.

I know a little girl who is seven years old. She goes to my church, and is one of the sweetest (and craziest) kids I know. She hates being still for any period of time. She’s crazy active, always running, doing flips, splits, and cartwheels, and just being a kid. But someone that hates being still and quiet, sitting down and writing a story? Yeah, not gonna happen. Well… that’s what we thought, anyway.

When she saw what I do, she loved the idea. She told her mother and sister that she wanted to be just like me. So she started exactly how I did. She sat down, and actually made up and wrote down a short story.

She was inspired.

At the beginning of this year, I met a man who is one of the most inspirational people that I have ever seen. At first, I couldn’t stand this guy. Honestly, I thought he was a real jerk. (Oh man, I hope he reads this.) He teased me all the time, cracked stupid jokes, and some of his ideas were so out of this world that I saw them as completely ridiculous.

People, I’m a fiction writer. That’s what I do. It’s my job to come up with something fantastically insane that people love to read. I thought I had some pretty crazy ideas.

This guy could put me to shame without even trying.

If you tried to follow his train of thought, you wouldn’t able to keep up for very long (according to my friends and family, that’s true for me too). But then I got to know this guy a little better. We kinda became friends. He was still frustrating, and still sometimes a jerk… but he always inspired me. He never held back. And with his imagination being so incredibly nuts and his writing so different and unique, he boosted my creativity and made me strive to be better. Now… I can honestly say that my writing has gotten quite a bit better since meeting him. Unfortunately I’m not really in contact with him anymore, but he still inspires me.

And that is exactly what we should be for other people. No, not just writers. People. Anyone we meet. We should be an inspiration.

“It’s the goal of every writer to use our stories to make the world a better place. A more creative place. I’m never going to stop writing. I’m never going to give up on this world, because I see what we could be. You shouldn’t give up either.” -Me, myself, and I 🙂

“You see things; and you say ‘why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘why not?’ “ -George Bernard Shaw

You can’t be afraid to tell your story. That statement “someone else will do it” is nothing but a invalid excuse. They can’t tell your story if they don’t know it.

Everyone has a reason to write. Something that drives you to create. It probably just popped into your head right now, didn’t it? Use that as motivation!

If you let your fear of speaking up get in the way of telling your stories, if you hold yourself back, you could be missing out on inspiring a lot of people. Don’t hold back.

Be different.

Stay creative.

Write crazy stories.

Inspire others.

Make the world a better place.

-Lorryn Holt

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