Memorial Day Remembrance

IMG_20190527_101159_330.JPGI know I said that Monday was going to be a day for Threats to Creative Writing blogs… but I think that we can make an exception for today.

In a poll of 10,000 people… 60% of them thought that Memorial Day is a day to celebrate our military. Some of you reading this right now are probably saying “uhhh isn’t it?”


Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for ALL the people that have given their lives for our country.

Veterans Day is a celebration of the men and women who survived.

Independence Day is a celebration of our freedom.

But Memorial Day is for anyone in history who has given their lives for our country.

Lots of people have asked me why I chose 9/11 to use in my book, The Forest of Fayleen. Honestly… I wasn’t going to. I was twelve years old, and didn’t really know what it was. What it really meant. The original plan was to just use a car accident to make Lane go live with her grandparents. But I was doing American history in school, and started reading about it. I realized that if I didn’t know… how many other kids didn’t know? I started doing more research, and felt compelled to write about it. I had to do something about it.

One of the greatest tragedies in American history was 9/11. In seconds, over three thousand people lost their lives. The twin towers fell, and it was over.

That was a great tragedy.

Writing The Forest of Fayleen was my way of honoring them.

We can’t forget. We can’t forget about them. But it’s not just them.

What some never really think about is that men and women lose their lives for this country every single day. To give us the gift of freedom.

So today, we should all honor and remember all of them.

If you have lost someone, or know someone that has, please share this.

Don’t let them be forgotten.

Don’t just celebrate.


-Lorryn Holt

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