Expanding your creativity

FullSizeRenderI know that every week, I come to you guys and talk about creativity. Well. . . more like I come to you and talk about writing. And I’ve been missing the whole point. What I should be telling you about is how to show your creativity in all ways. Writing that is not the only way to let out your creativity. And I think that by sticking to one area only, you could be holding yourself back.

This is why we should all try to expand our horizons a little bit.

When I was little (I would usually say ‘young’, but hey, I’m still just 15; haven’t really surpassed ‘young’ yet.) I loved to draw. It was everything to me. But being inexperienced, and more than slightly ADHD, I never really took the time to do anything with it. I could doodle and draw a couple things pretty well, and I thought that just being okay was enough.

Then I started writing short stories too. But those short stories were never enough. They started to grow. I kept writing, and I wound up going farther than I ever thought possible. I found myself, at only fourteen years old, sitting in my living room with my parents, who were on the phone with a publisher who wanted to publish my book. All the sudden, art (and pretty much everything else in my life) was immediately put on hold and I threw my everything into this opportunity. And let me just say. . .

Holy. Crudmuffins.

Just the thought of it still makes me rub my eyes to see if I’m still dreaming. There are times that I feel almost brought to tears by how far God has brought me in this journey, and how supportive all my family and friends were and still are. But even with their help. . . ME?! An AUTHOR?!

That was a big jump for a fourteen year old kid to be a published author and have her book placed in over fifteen countries and ten different languages (Still not sure how that happened. Some days, I can barely speak English!). It was a bigger jump to actually start going to schools, libraries, and world-wide-known book stores to meet and greet and sign my book. (Apparently, I’m supposed to call them ‘speaking engagements’, but come on guys. I’m fifteen and can’t say that without adding in a British accent and a laugh as soon as it comes out of my mouth.)

I knew that this author thing wasn’t going to be a full time job. I felt (and still feel) extremely led to the medical field, specifically pediatrics. So, maybe this wasn’t going to be my career. . . but it was still a big change with lifelong reciprocations and responsibilities. I get introduced to people I would have never in a million years thought I could talk to, and they are floored (meanwhile, I’m quaking in my shoes) by the fact that I’m so young and took initiative to write and publish a book.

I was so focused and determined to keep writing that. . . I just kinda dropped everything else. It became disheartening after a while that writing was all I did. I needed a change. Another way to let my creativity flow. So. . . back to the childhood favorites.

Lately, my writing seems to have slowed down a little, and more things are falling into place. Writing is not the only means of creativity. There are a million different ways. Me being the “basic” teenage girl I am, I check the most common boxes.

I’m musical. I sing, and play the fiddle and guitar. (I’m a stereotypical teenage girl from the south, I know. I’ve heard it from everybody.)

I’m artistic. I have been getting back into the art that I left as a kid, and expanding my knowledge and creativity. I can’t even explain how good it feels to let everything pour out of a pencil and just create.

I write. (Y’all already know this.)

But let me explain how I see creativity, as a whole. Creativity is the skill of painting a picture.

Sometimes literally, sometimes not.

When you play music, whether it be through a radio or an acoustic guitar or even just humming, you have a connection to every person in the room through the sound. Despite any difference in ethnicity, religion, gender, background, culture, etc. It doesn’t matter. Music is a beautiful thing. It is a universal gift directly from God.

It’s the same with art. It is telling a story through every stroke of the pencil, pen, or paintbrush. It creates a connection, a bond that we all share deep within our hearts. Whether it be a sketch or photograph of the mountains; or an abstract work of color, shapes, and designs. . . it’s all forms of creativity bundled into one beautiful work of unique art.

Focusing is not a danger. Sometimes, focus is exactly what you need to create what you are meant to create.

But shutting everything else out is one of the worst dangers that a person could encounter.

Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons. It’s okay to be excited and work on one thing specifically in your life, but don’t shut out all the possibilities. You could be missing the very thing that changes your life.

Or, more importantly. . .

You could be missing out on something that changes someone else’s life.

Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons.

Beautiful things can come from it.

Stay creative, guys.

-Lorryn Holt

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